Invest in “Diaspora Bonds” through BPB!

You can now invest in securities of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo through our Bank. Through your investment you will help Kosovo in economic development, but you will also gain interest in the assets invested. Your investment is completely tax free and 100% guaranteed by the Republic of Kosovo.


Diaspora Bonds offered by the Government are:

Bonds with a maturity of 3 years, annual interest rate 1.20%, effective interest rate 1.14%;

Bonds with a maturity of 5 years, annual interest rate 2.20%, and effective interest rate 2.14%;

*BPB’s fee for processing your investment is € 10 and the annual rate of custody services is 0.06%;



If you invest € 100,000 in a 3-year bond, by the due date you will earn € 3,410;

If you invest € 100,000 in a 5 year bond, by the maturity date you will earn € 10,690;

* In the examples described above, the Bank’s fees are included in the calculation.


To express your interest, you must have an open or current account with our Bank.

You can express interest in applying in any of our branches, no later than 18.08.2021 at 09:00.


Additional clarifications:


Values ​​you can invest:

  • The minimum value is € 10,000, increasing by € 10,000, while the maximum amount for one person in a bank is € 500,000.


  • The rule applies to accepting orders: Whoever invests first, is accepted first!


Based on the above rule, you should keep in mind that your investment may not be accepted if the auction has achieved the fulfillment that the Republic of Kosovo has intended.