International transfers at fixed prices – no percentages, no complications

BPB enables international outbound transfers, with a platform that provides security and speed. Furthermore, transfers up to 50,000 euros now have fixed prices.

You can now process an international transfer from any BPB branch to anywhere in the world of up to € 50,000 (at a shared cost) of just € 35. Or, you can make the same transfer through Ebanking with only 30 €.

Also, international outgoing transfers in CHF in Switzerland, in any amount, can be made for only CHF 20.

For detailed prices please see the table below.


International money transfersThrough Ebanking In BPB branches
< 12,500 €Sha-Ben 15€ / Our 25€Sha-Ben 15€ / Our 30€
> 12,500 € – 50,000 €Sha-Ben 30€ / Our 40€Sha-Ben 35€ / Our 50€


For details about this campaign, please visit the nearest branch or contact us at 038 620 620 or 0800 50000

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