Guide to the beautiful mountains of Kosovo, BPB signs partnership with Alpine Club “Prishtina”

Bank for Business in cooperation with the Alpine Club “Prishtina” will explore this year some of the most beautiful places in Kosovo, bringing wonderful views from the expedition.

BPB has today signed a partnership agreement with the Alpine Club “Prishtina”, which contains a series of activities related to the environment, culture, tourism, society, sports and socialization.

The guides that will be organized between the two partners include joint presentations in these organizations in order to raise awareness for the recognition of the country in the natural and cultural aspect.

The signing of this agreement was done by the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of BPB, Artan Sadiku and the representative of the Alpine Club “Prishtina”.

Sadiku said that the Banka e vendit is continuously committed to promote local culture and tourism, as an institution with local capital sees such a thing as a duty to citizens and customers.

“At BPB we are constantly committed to be closer to our citizens and customers by bringing projects that focus on tourism and culture and raising overall well-being. “This cooperation between us and the Alpine Club” Prishtina “, is a clear indicator of the mission we have as a bank”, he said.

The Deputy Chairman of the Bank for Business further said that such projects will also increase awareness of the conservation of natural and ethno-cultural resources.

“Banka e vendit ensures that it plays its role of active citizen in the areas where cooperation is most needed and where it certainly has the opportunity to show that Kosovo is really a place worth visiting. “Through this project we will try to convey this message”, he said.

From the Alpin Club Prishtina meanwhile they have said that they are happy that together with BPB this year will be organized this project, whose message will be in the general good.