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Customer Service

Customer Service
BPB aims to serve you as your long-term financial partner. In order to be closer to the needs and the demands of its clients, BPB has established a special costumer care unit.

Our priority is to listen and to fulfill your needs and demands continuously.

How can you reach us?

BPB is making the outmost effort to be accessible to you through various communication channels, wherever and whenever you’ll need it.
  • Run all your calls through the Call Centre number 038 620 620 & 0800 50 000
  • Email us at sherbimiperkliente@bpbbank.com to raise any issues important to you
  • Follow us and write on our official Facebook page

In order to be in line with your needs and demands we encourage you to share with us your comments, suggestions, or to express your dissatisfaction. BPB ensures to fulfill your expectations on time, we are committed to handle your complaint on the most efficient and professional way possible.

To be informed about the steps you can follow to lodge your complaint click here.


  • What is the BPB IBAN?

    The BPB IBAN is XK05 plus client’s account number (example: XK051300000000000000)

  • What is the BPB SWIFT code?

    The BPB Swift code is BPBXXKPR

  • How do you authorize somebody to access somebody else’s account?

    Both parties should be present

    Valid IDs

    Proof of their residence/address

  • What is the cost of getting eBanking and what is the monthly fee?

    Token 10 €

    Monthly fee 0.50€

  • How to top up a mobile phone account through SMS?

    Enter the mobile phone number, leave a space, enter the amount which you want to top up and send the SMS to 50000 (Example: 044xxxxxx 5 or 045xxxxxx 5 for a 5€ top up)

  • How much are cash withdrawal fees?

    BPB ATMs €0.10

    Other bank’s ATMs (in Kosovo and abroad) 3 EUR minimum, 2.5% of the amount

  • Customer Service

    In Kosovo free of charge

    Abroad 1%

    Online payments through VISA CLASSIC 1%

  • What do you need for individual loans?

    Valid ID

    Work contract or proof of regular income

    Documentation on the collateral

    Documentation on the mortgage (for amounts over Є10,000)

  • What do you need to open an account for private individuals?

    Valid ID

    Proof of your residence/address

    In-person presence

  • What is the penalty fee for outstanding debt incurred through VISA CLASSIC?

    24.00 % annually

  • Which payments can be made through mbanking?

    Payments within BPB and interbank payments

  • What is the fee for cash withdrawals through VISA CLASSIC?

    5 EUR minimum, 3% of the amount

  • Which payments through e-banking are free of charge?

    GIRO Payments for KEDS

    GIRO Payments for Water utility company

  • When is the outstanding balance settled with VISA CLASSIC?

    Once monthly

  • What is the withdrawal limit at ATMs with VISA ELECTRON?

    1000.00 EUR