Contactless payments with Visa cards

All BPB bank customers who will be equipped with new cards starting from 10.07.2019 will be able to use the latest technology in the market for realization of “Contactless” transactions. This technology offers the “Quick Payments” option at point of sale (POS) without contact in an easy and practical way.

Contactless transactions

Contactless transactions are made only by bringing the card at POS points and without typing the PIN to a certain value. Such purchases can be made to all merchants who have placed VISA and “Contactless” signs.

“Contactless” maximum transaction amount

The contactless transaction limit varies from the state and the bank that offers the POS device. The limit set for a transaction by banks in Kosovo is 15 EUR. Every time the limit of the receiving bank is exceeded, the PIN must be entered, but the card does not have to be inserted into the device.

The maximum amount of “Contactless” transactions

The maximum amount allowed by BPB for “Contactless” transactions is EUR 50, which can be achieved with one or more consecutive transactions. So, if the purchase is made in POS terminals in Kosovo where the transaction limit is 15 EUR, the client can make additional transactions without contact until reaching the total amount of 50 EUR.

Limit reset for  “Contactless”  transactions

To reset the maximum allowable limit for “Contactless” transactions, a transaction must be performed at the Bankomat or Point of Sale (POS) with full contact and PIN.