Clients benefit from transferring their monthly salary to their BPB bank account

BPB has recently published its new offer for the who will choose BPB as bank in which they receive theis sala

The offer rewards the bank clients with a number of products aiming at making their bank and financial activities undergo easily and in a fast and correct manne

‘Based on our continuous communication with the existing and potential clients of the bank, we mde sure that their demands are well reflected in our offer for the clients that pass on the transfer of their monthly salary at their personal account at BPB.’, said Mr. Arton Celina, Executive Director at BPB.

All clients that transfer their salary to BPB will now benefit the possibility to overdraft one salary, attractive interest rates, payments with zero provision throughout Kosovo, free activation of the SMS services, a free visa classic and free account maintenance for a year.

‘The offer represents a good opportunity for joint development and also provides a fast financial solution for all the clients of BPB.’, says Mr. Celina during the conversation.

Amongst others, when the salary transfer is passed on to the BPB account, the clients are also given the opportunity to taking a loan of up to 30,000 Euros, without mortgage and with the possibility to return in 15 years.