Call for data update

Dear clients of BPB,

Based on current legislation: Law no. 05 / L-096 and regulation of the Central Bank of Kosovo, For Business Bank is obligated to make updating (update) of its customer data

For Business Bank is making updating its customer data, so invite all of BPB’s customers who open an account with us, visit the nearest branch to be familiar with the bank’s requirements regarding the necessary information and documents needed was to fill the data.

The bank has tried all forms of contact (based on the information you have left in the bank) to inform you about the process, so if our information even after all attempts failed to you because of changing your contacts personal meanwhile, with this advertisement you make general calls you answer the call

Upon such notification, the time you have thirty (30) calendar days to submit to the bank, on the contrary we are obliged by law to customers whose information is not accessed to be updated (refreshed) and completed their files , to close the account. In cases where you feel that you have updated information in the meantime, or for whatever reason can not come to the bank during the period mentioned, you can contact the BPB call the Center on 038 620 620 or e-mail

This does not mean that in the future you can not open new accounts in BPB.