Teuta Rexhbeqaj

Ms. Teuta Rexhbeqaj has been appointed as an independent Board of Directors member since July 2020. Ms. Rexhbeqaj professional experience started in audit firm Deloitte Kosova Sh.p.k. since 2005 where she reached senior auditor position. She worked for audit and advisory engagements for different range of local and international companies including banks, insurance companies, microfinance institutions, government entities, public sector, NGOs and other private sector entities in Kosova market.  She continued further her carrier path mostly in banking sector for almost eight years and in insurance sector for two years.

Since 2010 she held the position of Head of Finance department in ProCredit Bank SH.A., being responsible to manage different lines of reporting and maintain professional relationship as to local regulatory bodies as well to the Procredit Group. Ms. Rexhbeqaj joined the startup local insurance company Scardian JSC in a position of Finance Director where she has been involved in all phases of developing the insurance industry software and ensuring that all accounting standards, regulatory and tax requirements have been properly implemented for each insurance products. She was a Chief Financial Officer in foreign branch of the bank Turkiye IS Bankasi A.S. leading departments such as finance, treasury, back office and IT until yearend 2019, to continue further as an independent consultant. Ms. Rexhbeqaj holds a Master degree in Economic Sciences in the field of Financial Management at University of Osijek, Republic of Croatia.