Florian Dervishi

Florian Dervishi has been appointed as an external member of the Audit Committee since April 2022. Mr. Dervishi brings 25 years of leadership and professional experience in banking, microfinance, asset management, wealth management, leasing, factoring, and other financial services, with some industry renown names, such as ProCredit Bank, FINCA Impact Finance, Mikro Kapital and others. In those institutions, Mr. Dervishi held Management positions, both at subsidiary and group level (Chief Financial Officer, Group Mergers and Acquisitions Coordinator, Group Chief Internal Audit Officer), governance (Board of Directors, Audit & Risk Committees) and advisory roles. Mr. Dervishi has had direct field experience, including both permanent positions and short-term assignments, in 14 countries of Southern and Eastern Europe (including Albania and Kosova), Central and Southern Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Mr. Dervishi holds an undergraduate degree from Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, University of Tirana in Finance and Accounting, major in Banking. He also completed his Master of Science degree at Staffordshire University, UK, for International Finance and Management. Mr. Dervishi is also a Certified Banker by the American Bankers’ Association. Mr. Dervishi is a Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) Candidate, level II.