The bank supports the preschool institution ‘Yllka’ in Prishtina

BPB, recently announced as the fastest growing and the most accountable bank in Kosovo by GBAF, has continued to develop activities in support of the community in an increasing intensity.

This time, BPB offered its support for the preschool institution ‘Yllka’ in Prishtina, by offering entertaining and learning materials for free for the children part of the institution, adding to additional materials provided to help the implementation of the daily activities of the school.

‘We are very excited for the hospitality of the children and the personnel. They are wonderful. We have intensified our activities in the support of the community, with special emphasis on the mothers and the children.’, says the Head of the Retail and Marketing Department at BPB, Mrs. Matilda Musa Gorani, during her visit to the ‘Yllka’ preschool institution, as children and educators on their own initative where simulating banking services to get closely informed about the importance of savings.

In the closing of the activity, the management of the preschool institution ‘Yllka’ in Prishtina have shared a gratitude letter for the bank for the support offered.

For two years in a row, BPB was declared as the fastest growing and the most responsible bank in Kosovo by GBAF (Global Banking and Finance).