BPB with a donation for elementary school Meto Bajraktari

BPB, in honor of Teacher’s Day 7 March, has mande a donation to the Meto Bajraktari Elementary School in Pristina. BPB’s donation will help this school enrich the library with new book titles.

“The donation to the ‘Meto Bajraktari Elementary School’ is in recognition of the teachers’ contribution to the education of younger generations. These books will also provide additional opportunities for students of this school to enrich their knowledge, ”said Veranda Gashi, BPB Manager for Institutional Client Relations.

In addition to supporting university students, a focus has also been given to students and the education of younger generations.

Otherwise, the BPB is recognized as the most successful domestic bank, awarded for two consecutive years as the best bank in the country by The Banker, the Financial Times publication.