BPB supports mothers and children

On 7 September 2017, BPB has confirmed its support for the association ‘Action for Mothers and Children’ and the event ‘Let’s dance for mothers and children’, organized with the aim of collecting funds in support to mothers and children in Kosovo.

‘The most sublime group of our society are the mother and children. Hoping for the sustainability of such activities, we are happy to have the opportunity to offer support for such initiatives, that aim at improving the lives of mothers and children.’, said Mr. Arto Celina, CEO at BPB.

The activity organized for the third time in a row, is of an entertaining and a humanitarian character, and aims at bringing individuals and institutions of goodwill in an entertaining setup to gather funds for projects and activities that help the educational, research and advocacy projects of the organization ‘Action for Mothers and Children’.

‘The success of ANF could have not been possible without the donors, to whom ANF remains forever grateful. We believe that with the help of those that support us and our friends, we will create great conditions in offering a healthy start to children.’, write representatives of the association ‘Action for Mothers and Children’.

BPB will continue to support activities of social responsibility, by supporting the community it operates in. For two consecutive years, BPB is given ‘Fastest Growing’ and ‘Best CSR Bank’ award in Kosovo, by the global prestigious institution ‘Global Banking and Finance’ (GBAF).