BPB has disinfected premises of 50 Kosovar businesses

BPB has disinfected 50 Kosovo business premises to assist them in the fight against the Covid19 pandemic.

“We are all aware of the difficulties that Kosovar business is going through as a result of the Covid19 pandemic. Considering that we aim to be the number 1 bank in Kosovo in supporting small businesses, and not only as a provider of financial services, this time we have selected a number of businesses to which we have sponsored the disinfection of premises where they operate to help them in the fight against Covid19. ‘- said Fisnik Bokshi, marketing manager at BPB.

This is the second project of this kind undertaken by BPB, since some time ago they distributed disinfectants and awareness panels to 500 businesses in Kosovo. Moreover, BPB has promised that it will continue to help fight the pandemic and that there are new projects in this direction that we will hear about very soon.

Otherwise, BPB is known as the most successful local bank, declared for two years in a row as the best bank in the country by the prestigious The Banker, published by the Financial Times.