BPB supports the Association of hairdressers of Kosovo

On 24th January, starting at 19:00 the Association of hairdressers of Kosovo organized ‘Hairdressers New Year’. This is a yearly event that gathers hairdressers from around Kosovo to celebrate their achievements as well as discuss possibilities for the upcoming year.

Being a bank that constantly supports the development of local businesses, BPB was a proud general sponsor of this event. Furthermore, BPB has designed an offer to specifically suit the needs of hairdressers in Kosovo.

‘We’re always ready to support local businesses, and thus rightly so are considered as one of the drivers of the development of businesses in Kosovo. Apart from financing these businesses, our colleagues also help with financial advice and solutions in the hope of establish long lasting relationship with our clients’ said Mr. Arton Celina, BPB’s CEO.

BPB’s offer for hairdressers aims at allowing them to develop their businesses, while fulfilling minimum requirements towards the bank. Our offer asks for very little bureaucracy and intents to help these businesses grow by using a variety of our products which would help with their daily business routines.