The bank of the country in support of the local products

BPB, one of the most dynamic banks in the country, enables the employment of tens of Kosovars within local production enterprises and initiatives, through its well designed humanitarian activity.

Through cooperation with the Down Syndrome Association in Kosovo and the support provided to small businesses, associations of women in Janjeva, Krusha and Fushe Kosova, BPB has made possible the increase of the income generation of these local producers and the employment of around fifteen Kosovan’s throughout the year.

Through this cooperation, the bank of the country buys merchandise and products of local producers, to distribute them later for free in a welcoming pack for all the bank clients. ‘Through this initiative, BPB has secured income generation and employment places at few enterprises, including the Down Syndrome Association and the women associations in Krusha, Janjeva and Fushe Kosova. We hope that the partnership lasts and that it generates more income and as a result, employment opportunities within the organizations we have cooperated with’, said Artan Sadiku, deputy CEO at BPB.