BPB with an online platform dedicated to Kosovar businesses

Banka per Biznes becomes the first financial institution in the country, with a dedicated portal for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). BPB Infomat was launched as part of BPB’s ongoing commitment to be close to businesses in Kosovo, including non-financial services.

After the success of the Business Academies, a training attended by hundreds of Kosovar businesses, BPB has launched the BPB Infomat portal. The aim is to provide informative and advisory services to a wider number of businesses.

The launch of this portal aims to further support and empower micro, small and medium-sized enterprises on their growth path, offering them easy access to important information and expeditious responses from advisors, experts of different fields.

SMEs play a crucial role in the local economy, creating new jobs, promoting innovation, increasing the potential for representation in international markets and increasing local competitiveness, which results in the overall economic growth of the country. However, they often face a host of challenges that can hinder their success, such as lack of access to finance, limited market reach and insufficient business management skills.

BPB Infomat aims to address these challenges and provide businesses with a platform where they can access a range of information and practical advice tailored to their specific needs. From business consulting and financial management to marketing strategies and digital transformation, BPB Infomat offers a variety of materials that can help SMEs optimize operations and grow their businesses. BPB Infomat is open for interaction with the user by addressing the questions they may have, which is expected to enrich the portal continuously.

The Chief Executive Officer of BPB, Mimoza Godanci-Aliu, said that Banka per Biznes has proven that it is dedicated to micro, small and medium enterprises, not only as a provider of classic financial services, but also by offering non-financial services that serve as an important pillar of business development. Acquaintance with the news in the market is a must for any business, but we are aware that not all businesses have the right resources to create an internal information system. Therefore, with BPB Infomat as well as with Business Academies, we are convinced that we will give businesses the right access, in the right time and in the right way.

“The portal, dedicated to micro, small and medium enterprises in Kosovo, is a clear indication of BPB’s commitment to improve operations and to be close to the category that is the catalyst of the local economy through continuous programs and counseling. BPB Infomat helps the Bank’s customers and potential customers to grow their businesses even further, through programs that were initially started with the Business Academies that were organized in the main municipalities of Kosovo for two years in a row. Of course, the Academies project will not stop and will expand even further, now being even more enriched with the new platform, said Godanci-Aliu.

In BPB Infomat, you can read news and articles about businesses, get information about developments in the field of economy and business and support programs for SMEs, as well as schedule an appointment with your advisor from the Bank, or address specific questions about which you would like make sure you get answers from experts in the field.

For more information about BPB’s new SME website, please visit www.bpbinfomat.com