BPB welcomes the Diaspora

Starting on June 27, under the slogan “We welcome the Diaspora! – The Bank of your homeland”, BPB opened its welcoming corner at its branch in the Zahir Pajaziti square. At this corner, diaspora members and other interested parties can obtain information on a wide range of products, including those specifically designed for our compatriots living abroad. In fact, this center is especially dedicated to compatriots who spend their summer vacations at home.

Some of the products and services offered at this specifically designed corner to support the needs of our compatriots are: NO PROVISION on international transfers for all our compatriots living in western countries, who can make international transfers in their accounts or to family members. All you have to do is write DIASPORA under the payment details section while authorizing the transfer. BPB also enables compatriots to participate in investments in securities, offering them professional advice on their investments.

BPB offers a wide portfolio of products and other services: current accounts, savings accounts, deposits, securities, e-banking, m-banking, savings accounts for children, international transfers, etc.

By investing in your homeland you help the development of your country. Therefore, BPB is focused on creating sound and long-term relations with our compatriots.

You are welcome!
The bank of your homelan