BPB staff helped Salimusa family from Rahovec

BPB extends helping hand once more. This time the Salimusa family in Rahovec received around 700 euros, presented to them on 1 April. Following from our initiative in January, when our staff collected on own initiative 500 euros for a family in a Stanovci village (near Vushtrri), we organized another collection among our staff and delivered again. Our staff understands that, just like our economy, our people need a surprise boost from time to time. And we are here to do that,so we will continue to organize these private staff collections for our less fortunate at regular intervals. We hope to do it every two months approximately, even if we would like to enjoy helping our disadvantaged families every day.

Here, we will share info on these donations to draw attention to the needs of those who are economically less privileged to encourage those who can help to do so any way they can.