BPB signs a memorandum of understanding with Fingermarket in benefit of businesses clients

On 19 April 2017, BPB has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Kosovo branch of Fingermarket Corporation based in the US, in the benefit of the business clients of BPB.

Through this memorandum of understanding, BPB will support the bank existing clients in creating and strengthening their online presence, by offering the opportunity to digitalize, network and promote their business through the Finermarket.com platform, branch in Kosovo.

‘Taking into consideration the latest business-making global trends and the new innovative means of promoting the businesses, products and services, we have signed this memorandum of understanding in the benefit of the businesses of Kosovo through which they create and empower their online presence.’, said Mr. Arton Celina, CEO at BPB during the signing ceremony.

According to Mr. Celina, the process will facilitate business making and will result in the increase of their annual turnovers, by providing electronic platforms of service and product promotion.

‘We are a developing partner to the country and as such, we design products that directly support the development of our business clients. Their development means our development and the development of our country as well.’, says Mr. Celina, the day the memorandum was signed.

Fingermarket is an American company based in Delaware, USA and it operates in Kosovo since January 2016 named as Fingermarket Corporation – Kosovo Branch.

Fingermarket.com is a platform that empowers the businesses in their path to further development and supports professionals in identifying new opportunities.  Fingermarket aims at developing local businesses through the creation of the local and the global community with professional interests, by offering them an electronic identity and information on different developing sectors within the country.

Fingermarket also aims at developing online trade (e-commerce) and to increase the employment amongst youth. The platform also  enables local businesses to identify customers and potential partners through membership services.