BPB publishes new website

Bank of the country has relaunched its website www.bpbbank.com. The new website aims to provide access to existing and potential customers, offering important information and services. The website was published on Friday, March 31, 2017.

‘BPB has prepared an interactive site and very easy to approach, in which bank customers will be able not only to receive information about the bank’s services, but will also have the opportunity of communicating and processing of various services online. “, said Mr. Arton Celina, Chief Executive Officer of BPB.

The website is created based on the requirements and the most frequent questions of clients and aims to eventual requirements, to address promptly and correctly.

‘We have heard and they communicate with existing and potential customers and based on their preferences have prepared a website so that information can be found more easily and to address any of their possible application, “says Mr. Celina further the conversation.

In addition to information on bank services and products through interactive internet site the clients will be able to address the requirements they may have, such as requirements and applying for a loan, applying for job vacancies, etc.