BPB presents the Board of Directors

Maksim Caslli has been appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors in BPB, meanwhile, Paul Nabavi has joined the Board as a member.

BPB welcomes Mr. Paul Nabavi as a new member and announces the appointment of Mr. Maksim Caslli as the new Chairperson of the Board.

Mr. Caslli takes over leadership from Ansis Grasmanis, who has contributed significantly to BPB’s success since 2017 and during the last three years was the Chairman of the Board.

The new chairperson Mr. Caslli started working with BPB in 2022 as an External Advisor to the Board, and as of March 2023 he became a full board member.

“I am honoured to accept the role of the Chairman of the BPB Board of Directors. Over the years BPB has had a great impact on the business in Kosovo especially in supporting the development of micro, small and medium businesses, as well as catering to the financial needs of the salaried individuals” said Mr. Caslli, adding a note of gratitude towards Mr. Ansis Grasmanis.

“The management of the bank will have my full support in furthering this development while improving the availability and quality of the service by fostering innovation and investment in digital banking technologies”, added Mr. Caslli.

New members of the Board bring to BPB their extensive experience in banking and financial sector.