BPB presents its offers for the local businesses

On 7 April 2017, BPB presented the offers in support of the business development through loans, donations, grants and other forms of bank support.

In the presentation organized in cooperation with the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, its member businesses and associations were informed in detail about the BPB financial offers that aim to facilitate the process of business development.

‘BPB cooperates and communicates with the local businesses and business associations regularly with the goal off designing demand driven financial offers. Therefore, our designed offers result in the development of the benefiting businesses.’, said Mr. Artan Sadiku, BPB Deputy CEO.

The cooperation of the bank with the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce and other similar institutions, has resulted in a number of businesses financed. Being the local development partner in the country, except for the financial support provided in different forms, BPB aims at staying close to the businesses during all the processes and develop mutually.