BPB inaugurates the Human Resources Academy

The Bank for Business on May 19, starting at 14:00, inaugurates the Academy of Human Resources, in the offices of this institution in Prishtina.

The ceremony will be attended by guests from banking institutions in the country and other BPB partners and guests.

The Academy of Human Resources has been established after five years of intensive work done with the BPB Junior program, which was initially launched as an idea for career guidance of students and the recruitment of new staff within the institution.

The students selected for this program are trained by the best experts in the field of banking and not only, while, currently, final preparations are being made for the new generation of this program, with more than 400 young applicants.

BPB has managed to recruit over 50 employees who have attended the program, positioning them in various departments and branches of the bank.

“HR Academy from BPB” has several training modules, which of course includes the BPB Junior program,  which this year marks its 5th since its creation.

Almost 400 employees of BPB, through this academy are enabled professional development, acquainting them with new facilities, through modules designed by the best experts in the field.

With the Academy of Human Resources, which is already being further developed, according to the designed curricula and projections, BPB is convinced that it has fulfilled an important task related to internal advancement and of course , future recruitment.