BPB Bank today has solemnly opened the new head office in Pristina.

Chief Executive Officer of BPB, Arton Celina, said that this inauguration shows that BPB is consolidated in its position in the market, while its financial results show that this bank has increased its market share in the financial sector.

Celina, showing BPB Bank performance figures, said all indicators and regulators are at industry levels, with most of the performance indicators above average industry levels.

Central Bank Deputy Governor Sokol Havolli said the opening of this office conveys the message that Kosovo has the capacity to convey the financial system in the world. He also said that with this advancement, BPB Bank has shown it will be long in the service of customers.

BPB’s new head office is on street Ukshin Hoti, No. 128, in Pristina (at Ramiz Sadiku complex)