BPB and KUR Prishtina further deepen cooperation in benefit of employees

On 31 January 2017, in an official meeting organized for signing the memorandum of understanding, BPB further deepens the cooperation with the Regional Water-supply Company ‘Prishtina’.

The memorandum aims at further deepening the cooperation between the bank and KUR Prishtina, by promoting better services for clients of both companies.

As per the agreement, the employees of KUR Prishtina will be benefitting, by being provided an access to a wider range of services of the BPB bank.

‘The agreement aims at securing support for KUR Prishtina and the employees of the company, by supporting them in the development processes.’, says Mr. Artan Sadiku, Deputy CEO at BPB. ‘The agreement has integrated services and offer packages, developed solely for the employees of this public company.’, further states Mr. Sadiku.

Being a sustainable partner to the development of the country, BPB has a number of agreements signed with different public and private companies.

‘The cooperation approach of our bank with clients is oriented towards the joint development therefore, we will not stop here. We have plenty of work to do.’, said Mr. Sadiku at the very end.