EBRD partners with Kosovo bank, Banka per Biznes, to boost SME competitiveness

The EUR 5 million loan signed by the Bank for Business (BPB) will be used to issue loans to small and medium-sized businesses to invest in production capacities to improve environmental protection, worker safety and quality of products in line with EU standards. A combination of long-term financing, technical co-operation and investment incentives form a package designed to help fully realize the potential of the country’s SME.

Small and medium enterprises are the pillar of economies in Kosovo. With the prospect of EU accession and the pressures on economic growth – including competition from emerging markets – the competitiveness of local SMEs depends on increasing the quality of production through innovation and expansion of export markets.

BPB, the first program partner in Kosovo, was founded in 2001 and offers a wide range of commercial banking products, with particular focus on SMEs