Banka për Biznes launches the following banking services: SMS Balance, SMS Notification and SMS Top Up

BpB is pleased to notify its customers about new services that will significantly help in saving time. These services are SMS Balance, SMS notification and SMS Top Up. SMS Balance and SMS Notification offer ideal ways of staying informed about transactions to and from your account. SMS notification enables you to receive SMS reports for every performed transaction, such as: card payments, loan instalment payments, payments into your account, withdrawals, deposits, etc. SMS Balance allows you to check your balance and the last five transactions whenever it is convenient for you sending an SMS to the number 50000. This service is available to all BpB customers who use mobile phones of IPKO and VALA. BpB through its SMS Top Up service enables customers to pay for IPKO products, including the internet, television, mobile phones and landlines simply by sending an SMS from their mobile phone using the number 50000. For more information, please ask at one of the 42 branches of Banka për Biznes throughout Kosovo.