Bank for Business celebrates its first 10-year anniversary

BpB was established in 2001 by 16 local companies, of which several still remain shareholders following consolidation of holdings over the years, including Banca Di Cividale from Italy. Over the years, other businesses with notable Kosovo and international reputation have joined in with the Bank.

BpB has managed to expand from having only one office in Prishtina, which had 24 employees, to a structure of 42 offices throughout Kosovo, numbering 341 employees. During this journey, BpB has faced numerous operational challenges and those deriving from the economic environment of the time. Nevertheless, with strong commitment by all interest groups for qualitative changes, the Bank has managed to successfully overcome these challenges and achieve financial sustainability and an important role of a pro-active actor in the banking industry of Kosovo. Furthermore, during the last two years and despite the effects of the global economic crisis in the Republic of Kosovo, BpB’s quality and quantity trends have been impressive, resulting in a substantial enhancement of performance. In the period between early 2009 and late 2010, the total assets of the Bank increased by around 70%, deposits by over 70% and credits by over 80%. These growth indicators clearly show that the Bank for Business has managed not only to increase the number of clients and the volume of its business but also to widen its share in the Kosovo banking market. In addition to the Bank’s orientation towards improving the quality of its services and widening the scope of products offered to its clients, another major achievement of 2010 was the establishment of a collaborative relationship with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), an institution with a global reputation. During that year, BpB signed an agreement with EBRD for a credit line, whereas at the beginning of 2011 the cooperation was expanded through the signing of an agreement on Documentary Business. Aside from this cooperation, EBRD has provided bankers with international experience as technical assistance to BpB. It should be pointed out that the cooperation between BpB and EBRD will shortly be expanded into other fields, whereas in the coming years similar engagements will be formed with other international financial institutions. All this represents evidence of our commitment to continuous change and improvement, thus employing the best of banking practices.

Within these substantial reforms carried out over the years, which featured continuous investment in technological advancement, building of staff competences, as well as enhancing the visual image of our office premises facilitating for our clients an easier access to our products and services. These measures have contributed to a considerable improvement of the Bank’s image.

All of these accomplishments we proudly put in the past and determinedly focus on the future, making a pledge to all of the interest groups (shareholders, staff and in particular our distinguished clients) to continue with positive CHANGE with a view to achieving our newly set goals and objectives. We will not shy away from investing in professional development of the Bank’s staff with the sole purpose to further enhance the quality of our products and services, keeping the needs and demands of our clients always on our minds. The Bank’s slogan opportunity for more has not been launched by chance. This slogan represents the long term vision of the Bank to continue offering new opportunities to our clients. BpB has repeatedly shown that it is an institution that offers opportunities to its clients. In 2010, BpB launched its newest product which is still only offered by our Bank, Mobile Banking, as well as provided VISA cards to the clients and offered a number of other opportunities in terms of credit products and other banking services.

Therefore, on the occasion of its tenth anniversary, Bank for Business complements all of its clients, shareholders and staff, offering once more its commitment to continue providing new opportunities to our country’s citizens and businesses.