A little bit from us, for those of you who are doing a lot – at BPB, your banking is free.

As a sign of gratitude and trying to simplify as much as possible their experience with banks, BPB has designed an offer for all employees of Police or the KSF.

Under this offer, all those working in the Police or the KSF will benefit from free banking with BPB. In this offer, free of charge, following services are included

  • Opening and maintenance of a banking account for one year
  • Debit card
  • Application for e-banking
  • Application for mbanking

..as well as many other additional services which will help this group to have easier access and services in the bank.

To take advantage of this offer, you must visit one of our branches or apply online through our website www.bpbbank.com

All those who have an employment contract with health institutions qualify for this offer.

Thank you for your tireless work.