26 January 2017 BPB supports the students and rewards their best business idea

On the 26th of January 2017, a number of students gave presentations on their business ideas for a professional evaluation panel consisting of academics, professionals and representatives of the BPB ban

Being a developing partner and always ready to support the community and the local businesses, BPB has financially supported the best business idea of UBT students. According to the program, after the completion of the business idea competition amongst students, BPB has rewarded the winning idea, a sum that will be used by the students to implement their winning idea.

By supporting startup businesses amongst students BPB will create new working places and will support higher education institutions in increasing student capacities, by enabling business idea implementation platforms.

‘Starting a new business means also creating new working places and developing our country. Being a local development partner, we are always ready to support higher education and the students in implementing their business ideas.”, said Arton Celina, Executive Director at BPB.

BPB aims at supporting entrepreneurs, innovation and the development of new businesses amongst the youth and the rest. The bank has designed a number of product and financial packages for businesses, with the goal of having a mutual sustainable evelopment.

“We’d like to congratulate all participating students. We want to make them sure that we will stand by their side, by supporting them towards future growth and success.”, said Mr. Celina at the end of the conversation.